Rare cowboy hat pic. What you
cant see is the reconstructed
right  knee, 1991. Matt kidnapped
Pat & Doug looking too cool around
Christmas 1985
Blown ACL, too much
sports in October 85
With Matt in 1994
With cousin Gary and Mel behind
Mels theater in Branson, MO 1993
With former Nashville Kats
cheerleader Robin Roach in 97, who
inspired Pat's song "Quarter Till
Heaven." She passed away in 2004.
On stage at Rick's in Key West 1999
"Seriously, I play nice!"
"But look, I do know what I am doing!"
"You look at me like I
don't know what Im
"Yes, I caught this tiny fish!"
With Canadian Country star
Paul Brandt at Fan Fair in 1996
Only try this at home!
With Coach Larry Coker of the Miami Hurricanes in 2004!
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Pats Pic Page 2s
At family reunion with cousin Doug,
Pat, cousin Mel Tillis and Pats
brother Matt in front.
Pats graduation, with brother Matt
in June 86.
Pats favorite toy in high school, his
71 Chevelle!
Pat running cross -country his
junior year.
Pat with his Corvette 1996
Halloween can be scary, especially
with friend Travis!
With Coach Bobby Bowden of the
Florida State Seminoles
Promo Pic 2001
In between shoots