Pat Simmons is not only the founder of
Simmons Road Enterprises, Inc. , he is also a
singer/songwriter within his own right.
Brought up singing in church choir and
elementary school chorus, he began his
writing career at age 11. Inspired by seeing
re-runs of 'The Monkees' television show, he
decided that music was the career path that
he would follow. Considering that he is a
cousin to country legend Mel Tillis and the
lovely Pam Tillis, it could also be said that
music is in his blood.
In 1994, Pat moved to Nashville, where he
embarked upon his pursuit of a career in
country music. He worked at establishing the
connections and contacts that he needed to
still be able to pursue his dream after moving
back to Florida the following year. During this
time, he also began his recording career and
the promotion of his material. This lead to the
eventual release of his first CD Till Time Is
Through in March 1997.
During this period, he received a nomination
for Most Promising Male Songwriter by the
Tennessee Songwriters Association
International in 1996 and another nomination
for Songwriter of the Year in 1998. He has also
been featured as a spotlight artist on many
websites, among them Cowboys & Cowgirls
and Radio ETC. Finally he was voted Best
Country Act by Weekly Planet newspaper in
Tampa for 1999.
During the summer of 1996, Pat formed
Simmons Road Enterprises, Inc. Not only used
as a promotional tool for his own expense, the
company also seeks out other talented
songwriters to publish and promote and is
now expanding to produce complete CDs for
other performers. Pat has his songwriting and
publishing affiliation (Simmons Road Music)
with SESAC, the third largest performing rights
organization. He is also a member of the
Tennessee Songwriters Association
International, Country Music Society of
America, Just Plain Folks, and is involved with
several other publishing companies and
music organizations worldwide.
Pat's new musical direction is towards the
adult contemporary genre, inspired by Phil
Collins and Richard Marx.
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                         Pat's Music Bio:
Pat Simmons
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Pat Simmons: Till Time Is Through Album/Artist Review

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Having spent his childhood singing in church and school choirs, Pat Simmons was only 11 when he
decided that music was the life for him. He soon started writing his own songs, which later led to
nominations by the Tennessee Songwriters Association International for Most Promising Male
Songwriter (1996) and Songwriter Of The Year (1998), and looked forward to the day when he could
pursue his dream.
In 1994, the Florida native's dream became a reality when he packed up his bags to pound the
pavement in Music City for a year. During his stay in Nashville, the singer/songwriter gained
connections and contacts to help him establish his business (Simmons Road Enterprises, Inc., a
company designed to publish/promote songwriters) from his home, rather than living in Tennessee
permanently. Combining his success as a songwriter and promoter, Simmons additionally began a
recording career with a 15-song CD entitled Till Time Is Through.
Having written every song on his debut, Pat not only metes out his self-acquired professional side, he
also shares his personal side. With sincere vocals ringing clear throughout the album's entirety, Pat's
lyrics aren't what some might call far-fetched. They're believable. When he sings of an eternal vow of
love, on ballads such as the title-cut "
Till Time Is Through"and "I Swear To You", you believe him. When
he sings sad songs, like "
Empty Handed", "Broken Promises", "My Heart Will Always Love You", and the
touching "
He's Not Me", you know that this guy has known his own portion of heartaches and has found
music to be a great outlet for repressed emotions. Of course, slow songs aren't the only way to express
the blues.
Proving that he can encourage toe-tapping as well as body-swaying, Simmons replaces the blues with
get-up-and-move beats on several songs. Some of these include "I Want It All", "
She's My Girl",
"Another Man", "Living' For The Weekend", and "Throw Away Your Memory". Mid-tempo numbers are
the memory-inspired "
Simmons Road", "Dangerous Curves Ahead", "The Boys Are Out Tonight", and
The Man You Want".
Whether it's fast or slow, Pat Simmons has shown that, no matter what he's singing, he sings it well.    
How about some unreleased music to listen to!?
1. Everytime We Say Goodbye
2. Quarter Till Heaven
3. Endless Love Takes Two
4. She's Got It All
5. Something Stronger Than Love

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Pat will be performing at the
Florida Strawberry Festival
March 5, 2009 at 4:30pm
under the Festival
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